4 Myths About Auto Accident Cases

Common Misconceptions Regarding Car Accident Litigation

There are quite a few rumors and misunderstandings out there regarding how car accident claims work. Many drivers who have been in a collision are unpleasantly surprised to find out the truth about insurance coverage, fault, and other key components of a car accident case.

Some of these popular myths include:

  1. “Full coverage” means full coverage. Many people think they have what they would refer to as “full coverage” when it comes to auto accidents, bodily injuries, etc. However, most insurance policies do not insure all losses and have specific financial caps, depending on the policy.
  2. The other driver’s apparent fault will keep you from paying for anything. Even if it’s obvious to you that the other driver caused your accident, they could still manage to convince the court that you are partially responsible for the crash. You will need strong legal representation in order to make sure you are not unfairly held responsible for the accident.
  3. I feel fine, so I don’t need to sue for damages. Many car accidents cause traumatic brain injuries and other soft tissue damage that can take hours, days, or even weeks to develop and become apparent. It is always smart to involve a lawyer from the get-go, even while you are still evaluating your mental and physical state after a collision.
  4. You don’t need to begin legal proceedings right away. Don’t wait until the dust has settled to start taking action to protect yourself. A successful car accident case requires a great deal of research and investigation, which can be done most efficiently and accurately when done right after the accident. The state of Virginia allows you 2 years from the date of your accident to file a car accident claim, so do not wait to consult with an attorney.

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At Cantor Stoneburner Ford Grana & Buckner, we believe in providing a path to justice for injured people. Our firm was founded on a desire to serve folks who are injured through no fault of their own and need a firm advocate to plead their cause. When you bring in a member of our legal team, you will gain an immediate advantage in your case and take the first step toward a fair outcome.

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